Pedro Rosvill

Born in Mexico City (formerly Federal District), Pedro Rosvill grew up in an era where the game began, like Atari, Intellivision and Nintendo. 

Just as it was on the radio in Mexico had its boom in the international rock, mainly from the UK and the US, but also in Mexico and Latin America. Its main educational musical base, that station called "Rock 101" of the modulated frequency.

 Later, in the late 80's and early 90's, "WFM digital Magic" and "Radioactive 98 and 1/2". these being the main causes of musical knowledge. not forgetting also that old "MTV" where he expanded his knowledge audiophile music programs like "Headbanger's Ball", "Top 21 Countdown" and "MTV's Beavis and Butt-Head" mainly. Where rock, alternative birth gender, and other heavy metal subgenres, music diminished the music "plastic pop" imposed by big industries. thus defining its rock musical taste and passion.

In the decade of the 90s, Rosvill also developed a taste for cinema. Mainly being science fiction genres, horror and action imaginative main motivations. Although the film absurd pseudo filmmakers also built by conceptual-comedians- creative enough as "Weird Al" Yankovic, David Zucker, Kevin Smith and the self-styled "King of all media," Howard Stern, whose film "Private Parts" was a fundamental part of his taste for making radio speech media wanting to break schemes.

Throughout his career, he has worked as an announcer talent, commercial and certified cab and conducting projects online radio, podcasts and some other auditory and visual experiment.

His Mission

Rosvill's mission is to work to change the country. Creating and generating ideas that achieve a revolutionary change and media attitudes. Break the traditional schemes often obsolete, making the evolution of human and social development. Its mission is to put that track within the mass media.

His Vision

Left trace in the mass media. It may be a difficult task, but not impossible. Achieving open and create opportunities for growth and professional freedom with 100% responsible and workable attitude. Every entrepreneur dream is accomplished it sounds more "Guajiro" than it may seem.


The commitment, dedication, responsibility and passion leads to an achievable sucsses.