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The Top Ten

Youtube's entertainment channel with various topics: news, trivia and curious cases, shocking and fun facts.



YPD ONLINE is the first channel learning skills to develop your spirit "I can".
It is a platform with a set of self-training in skills Video course: "All you need to activate your initiative and to realize your dreams and goals." An idea based on YPD methodology to learn to undertake and promote your desire to transform your environment through energy, creativity, communication and leadership.

More information: http://ypdonline.com/

Wasichana Fund

Menstruation. It's not a pretty topic, we know. But what you might not know is that menstrual health and education are powerful forces for economic progress in the developing world. And frighteningly, the lack of it can prove to be an obstacle to socioeconomic advancement.
More information: http://wasichanafund.org/

Rogers Hall

Audio promo for MediAtica FM

This is a small audio promo for Mediatica FM. Written and produced by myself.

Karmel School

Megaphone advertising for Karmel school.