EARWAX FM - Alternative radio station from Mexico City

Earwax FM

Alternative online radio. 

From 2005 to 2011, Earwax Fm was positioned as one of the best independent alternative online radio in Mexico. More than 50 employees, rock attitude, creative content and creativity that moved minds of the real needs of society and youth in this 'conceptual radio' type.

Earwax Media

Earwax Media

What comes to be the result behind Earwax FM and creative union with another online radio, Radio Fraktal. and creative professionals join forces to provide services in audiovisual creativity, multimedia and graphic design.

Mediática FM - ALTERNATIVE RADIO between zero and NOTHING!

Mediática FM

After the end of the concept of Earwax FM and Fraktal Radio respectively, a new proposal is created together. Mediática.FM, this being a mature, ambitious and even necessary project. MediáticaFM seeks to be a conceptual radio that seeks to continue the mission of his predecessors, whose alternative standard, music and especially media content, are the main strategy to reach Mexican society is in need of alternative projects.


Rosvill Podcast

A very personal project where I exploded my craziness into the microphone talking, reviewing and commenting on any matter. Whether political, social or whatever linked to mass media.